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Natural Treatments Backed By Science To Help You Transform Your Body From the Inside Out.

Wellixa’s natural, scientifically-proven treatment plans are designed for driven women who want to feel strong and in complete control of their health. Finally, you can experience optimal health, reclaim your energy and overcome the challenges holding your body back.

15+ Years of Healthcare Experience

Cutting-Edge Lab Testing

Tailored for Women

Fully-Qualified Naturopaths

Body Composition Specialist

Wellixa provides clinically proven natural therapies to help your body keep-up with your lifestyle, and perform at it’s best.

What are your Body and Health Concerns?

For Busy Professionals

Common Challenges

Low Energy
Missed Periods
Unexplained Weight Gain
Stress, Depression & Anxiety
Cystic Acne

For Fitness Models

Common Challenges

Irregular periods and PMS
Weight gain

The Wellixa Process

At Wellixa, we want to help you perform at your best. Whether your goals are aesthetic or health-related, we’ll tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs. We offer both in-person appointments, or convenient virtual consultations.

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Health Assessment

Lab Testing

Customised Natural Treatment Plan

Clients That Choose Wellixa

At Wellixa, we want to help you perform at your best. Whether your goals are aesthetic or health-related, we’ll tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs. We offer both in-person appointments, or convenient virtual consultations.

Stephanie Sanzo

I’ve been working with Kristine for several months now and she’s been able to help me overcome some significant gut issues I’ve struggled with for years! She is a wealth of knowledge and great at what she does. She’s been incredibly patient, understanding and accommodating throughout our time working together. I would highly recommend working with Kristine if you’re struggling with any sort of health issues yourself.

Anna McManamey

Kristine’s guidance has been fundamental in helping me improve my gut health and hormonal balance after many years of high stress as an athlete. She is professional, highly knowledgeable and really took the time to understand me, my goals and my lifestyle. She has also been a fantastic help to my clients who present with health complications that fall outside my scope of practice. I am so thankful for Kristine’s guidance and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Angel Barretto

Kristine’s expertise has been the north star of my health and fitness journey for over a decade. She has helped me get from the ‘0’ of never having had any kind of plan or exercise program – to the 100 of assisting me in my goal to compete in the IFBB nationals just a few months later. She has continued to patiently guide me through the hectic juggle of being a mum and entrepreneur, and her knowledge of digestion, adrenal and hormone challenges as a result of running a global business, have been especially valuable.

Blake Collyer – Pro Golfer Athlete

Kristine has an immense knowledge of the function of the human body. Working with her has helped propel my health to heights that I’ve never had. I feel the best I’ve ever felt.

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Our Services

At Wellixa, we want to help you perform at your best. Whether your goals are aesthetic or health-related, we’ll tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs. We offer both in-person appointments, or convenient virtual consultations.

We’re Perfect If You Want To...

Reclaim your energy and feel unstoppable…

so you can achieve the training, fitness, and lifestyle goals you’ve been working so hard towards.

Rebalance Your Hormones

so you can get in control of your acne, your weight, your emotions, and feel more like your confident, natural self!

Take Control Of Your Body…

so you can experience relief from irregular periods, fertility struggles, weight gain and more, and start feeling amazing in your own skin.

Improve Your Gut-health…

so you can reduce constipation, bloating, irritable bowel, and cramps, and feel more comfortable throughout the day.

We Help You Understand What Your Body Needs To Thrive

With our natural and holistic approach based on science, we’ll treat the root cause of your problems, so you can finally get the lasting results you’ve been working for.

Does This Sound Like You?

If you’re answering ‘YES!’ to any of these questions, we might be right for you…

Has your weight, appearance, and energy-levels changed recently, and you can’t pinpoint why?

And you’re feeling like you can’t leave the home or wear the clothes you want….

Are you tired of experts who treat your symptoms, but never help you get to the root cause of your struggles?

And you feel like your own body is outside of your control…

Have you lost your sex-drive and self-esteem, and can’t remember the last time you felt good (let alone sexy) in your own skin?

And you don’t know how to regain the confidence you once had…

Have you been training so hard at the gym, but you’re not seeing results or you’re worried about the negative effects of doing it wrong?

And you’re not sure you can get your body lean enough and where you want it to be…

Are you constantly exhausted and fatigued, no matter how much sleep you’ve had the night before?

And you can’t find energy to achieve what you want in the day…

Do you struggle to keep up each day with your family, friends, job, hobbies, and responsibilities?

But you don’t want to give up all the activities you love…

Solving the above problems is what we do every single day for our clients at Wellixa.

Now it’s your turn…

Experience sustainable results that become a part of your everyday life, with natural treatments that nurture your body.

Ambitious Women...

Take control of your health & wellbeing.

As a driven and capable woman, you need a powerhouse body that supports your lifestyle… not one that holds you back. From work, to home, to travel, to hobbies, and more – your health should allow you to embrace as much of life as you want. Our personalised support and treatment options will help you to nurture your body back to full-health, so you can feel like the strong and powerful woman you were born to be!

Maybe you’re feeling fatigued, and low on energy when you need it most? Or perhaps you’re overwhelmed with PMS, acne, and infertility issues? Maybe you’ve gained weight (without any lifestyle or diet changes)? Or you just know your body isn’t performing at it’s best?

Whatever struggles you’re facing, we can help you get down to the root cause, and build a treatment plan tailored to you.

Fitness Models...

Improve Your Body Composition & Fitness

As a fitness model, physique competitor, fitness professional or Instagirl, it is so important to stay in control of your body and health. You work SO hard at the gym, and are 100% committed to achieving your goals – but when your training doesn’t work how you want it to there is nothing more frustrating! Or even worse, when your training is actually the cause of issues like stress, fatigue, low libido, absent menstrual cycles, or struggles with fertility.

At Wellixa, our specialised services catered to fitness professionals can help you level-up your performance, and transform your body in a healthy, sustainable way.

Whether it’s improving your body composition, building muscle, getting fit naturally, finding sustainable lifestyle practices, or simply gaining confidence, we’re here to walk with you every step of the way.

Here’re Just Some Of The Breakthroughs…

…You Can Experience With Wellixa

... and so much more!

What Sets Us Apart From Other Healthcare Providers?

Clinical Lab Testing And Assessment Methods

We use science-based methods to assess the underlying health issues preventing you from reaching your goals. With advanced clinical lab testing to help you pinpoint your issues, and proven assessment methods, you’ll get the answers you’ve been looking for sooner.

Custom Treatment Plans For Optimal Health

Each woman is unique, and that’s why our treatments are researched and tailored for you, by taking the time to understand your history, symptoms, blood chemistry, and nutrition. We believe in optimal health, where your body isn’t simply free from disease, but is actively thriving, improving, and supporting you each day.

Specialists In Treating Women

We understand the unique challenges busy-women face when it comes to your health. That’s why we create simple, effective treatments to improve your fitness, regulate your hormones, boost your energy, and increase your confidence.

Targeting The Root Cause Of Your Symptoms

We’ll help you overcome the frustration of working hard for no results, by diagnosing the root cause of your symptoms and treating them naturally. Where necessary, we’ll dig deeper to get you the answers, with functional tests such as hormone profiles, gut analysis and more.

Hi, I’m Kristine Ottobre...

My mission is to help ambitious women (like you!) to nurture their bodies in a balanced, healthy, and natural way.

After 15+ years in the healthcare industry, I fell in love with the integrated health model of combining western and complementary medicine. Natural treatments that had been used for generations before us, held the keys to so many questions doctors simply couldn’t answer!

So, as a qualified naturopath, personal trainer, registered nurse, and now the founder of Wellixa, I want to share this with you. Because you deserve to have boundless energy, focus, and drive, right? You should be able to look and feel amazing in your own skin. And, you should have the confidence and capacity to live a full life you love.

You can trust that all my treatment plans are backed by science and research, and tailored to your body and lifestyle right now.

Hear Directly From Our Happy Clients